About Us

Having been brought in from the Old World, golf has found its footing in the lavish grasslands of New Zealand. As the game that originated as a royalty pass-time in the 16th century Scotland Golf has stepped into the modern era, much more rules, regulations and tournaments appear, while more and more people become invested in the sport that was unavailable to them prior.

As the interest spikes, the need for comprehensive guides and sufficient information on golf arises as well. That is why some of the most passionate Kiwi golfers have dedicated their efforts to provide as much helpful information as possible in the most precise way.

NZ Open Golf is an amalgamation of the most hardcore golf junkies and occasional golfers that were once confused beginners. Having blazed the difficult trail of novices, our experts know what information should be provided and how it should be done.

Our goal

Any golfer’s dream is to hit that hole in one every time. While the task may seem unimaginable for most beginners, we are here to navigate you towards it without deterring you form the passion for golf.

Our experts employ the brains of top industry professionals who know everything about golf equipment, golf courses and various other factors from A to Z. With our combined knowledge, we know how to prepare you for the heights of golfing step by step.

Our vision

Our primary source of inspiration is the successes that golfers achieve after mastering a certain course or making that perfect shot. Nothing brings us more thrill than seeing a rookie transform into a formidable player.

However, there is more to golf than just sport. For a country with over 35% adult population struggling with weight issues and a huge variety of plains perfect for playing golf, the potential of the game couldn’t be more clear for us.


By offering sound advice, steady direction, as well as generally enticing trivia and facts, we can change the situation for the better and get people interested in golf. Even if not all of our readers go on to play, they would at least have an interest. That alone could make a change.